Buying Syrian Pound

If you decide to buy your Syrian Pound when you get to Syria, the first thing you'll need to do is make sure you have your local currency in cash. This way you can exchange it when you get there.

As a general rule, it is best to avoid buying the Syrian Pound at the airport and better to do the exchange in one of the major city centres in Syria.

Buying Syrian Pound

Buying Syrian Pound

Where Can I Buy Syrian Pound?

Buying Syrian Pound Online
This is the easiest and convenient way to buy Syrian Pound but you need some time. You can choose where to pick the Syrian Pound from, and in some instances can get home delivery. When you order with major foreign currency exchangers, you can choose to order cash, a prepaid travel money card or both!

Ordering Syrian Money Over The Phone
Another way to get hold of Syrian Pound is to order over the phone and can pay by bank transfer. The only downside is that It can takes up to 7 days depending on your location. When ordering the Syrian Pound, choose your cash denominations like small, medium, large or mixed.

Changing Syrian Currency at Money Changers
Foreign Money Changers are the best way to get Syrian money quickly. You will find many of the authorised money exchangers near me in major shopping centres and towns. It is often to get a better exchange rates for Syrian Pound in your city than what you will get further away. Therefore, it will be worth going to the city if you are thinking of exchanging more than $1,000.

Exchanging Syrian Pound at Banks
Exchanging your local currency to Syrian Pound at banks attract have high fees, and generally do not offer very good exchange rates for Syrian Pound. Hence, it's always better to compare the exchange rates for Syrian Pound elsewhere before deciding, but as a standard rule it's best to avoid your bank.

Buying Syrian Pound at Airport
Yes, you can buy Syrian Pound at the airport. While it is convenient to the Syrian currency at the airport, it's also very expensive. If you are running short on time before your trip, it's better to buy you Syrian Pound when you get to Syria, or use your debit card instead.

What is the exchange rate for Pound to Chinese Yuan?

Exchange rates for foreign currencies are always changing and in most cases minute by minute.

Therefore it's important to ask for the the today's currency exchange rate for Chinese Yuan to Syrian Pound before buying the Pound you need for your up coming trip from Chinese Yuan to Pound Exchange Rate Today.

What is the exchange rate for Pound to Swiss Franc?

Foreign exchange rates are often changing and in most days by the minute.

Therefore it's important to check out the current currency exchange rate for Swiss Franc to Syrian Pound before ordering the Pound you require for your next trip at Swiss Franc to Pound Exchange Rate Today.